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blog-christmas-cheer-2The 2 Most exciting things on that ‘December To Do list’

With the lead up to Christmas our calendar becomes frenzied, full of unnecessary turbulence because we fail to simplify.

Shouldn’t the end of year be something we look forward to?  To wrap up the year, to start the unwind, planning for some holiday time to reflect and recharge?  Of course for some busy parents it can feel overwhelming and you may well miss out on actually enjoying this special time of year!

Really this is the perfect and most important month to be organized!  To be mindful and present for your children and yourselves!

Clearly planning with our calendars is the key!  Perhaps we also don’t try to see every friend for that Xmas drink.  Why cram it all in when you can spread it out over January!   It’s quite hilarious how we all feel we need to see our entire friend base crammed into the one month!

Anyway December is my favorite month of the year!  Why??  Because of children!  Well actually Christmas has always brought me Joy my whole childhood!  So now its time to repeat it with out mini me’s!

The most important ‘To Do list’ for December is –

1) Buy and wrap presents.   Teaching your children the joy of giving is a beautiful quality.  Its not all about them receiving now is it!?

  • Ask your little ones to help choose a thank you present for their teachers. If they are at school
  • Perhaps take them shopping for a little something for their special friends?
  • Or why not get them to make something instead to save budget, along with a lovely hand made card.

2) Putting up your Christmas tree!   It seems everyone has their own idea of when the correct time may be for this special event.     Many years ago the tradition was to put it up Xmas Eve and bring it down Christmas night!      Otherwise it brought bad luck.   Mmmmm…  not sure about that one.

These days depending on where you are living in the world.   Some start as early as November.     Traditionally now it seems most put Christmas trees up in the first week or two of December.

Some just follow their own family tradition.   For us its 1st December and not a second later!  I guess because my late mother had always done this for us, so 1st December shall stick!

This day should be made exciting for kids!   Don’t let it be a chore on your list, just plan and book in that chosen day for you and your family!  It’s time to pull out those sentimental decorations or even a few new exciting additions you  and your kids may purchase together for the tree!

A great idea is putting on some good old Christmas carols to get in the mood, even dressing up in Santa hats or rain deer antlers is a cute idea.    Create the mood and simply enjoy it!  Perhaps a glass of bubbles for the adults and some lovely candle light.

Leaving the most special to last of course is placing the star or angel on top of the tree!  Lifting your little one to do this special honor is rather important I say.

Creating some magic and treasured memories with your loved ones is what Christmas is all about!   Remembering our own child hood memories is the motivation in creating those for your children.  Remember to turn off your phones and   ‘Be present’!    Merry Christmas!!

Time to get EXCITED!


With Love and inspiration



  1. Lisa Parnell says:

    Thanks Kylie…needed to hear that and put it all in perspective a bit! Be present…i like it. Keep up the blogging, love reading them

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