Christmas Stocking Fillers

stocking-fillersHo Ho Ho!!!  Merry Christmas!


Its stocking filler time!     Here at Meemini we have some absolute bargains and treasures for you to choose from.


Why not choose your favorite ‘Inspirational Messages’ that may mean something to you and your friends?


Our entire range has feel good messages displayed and printed in beautiful colors.


Why not grab our Shining Star hats to shade and protect your little ones this summer.   “love dream believe, live laugh play’ Gorgeous!  $24 was $29.95.


Or our adorable SUPER SOFT AND FLUFFY bunnies!  Available in aqua unisex , and pink for girls.   “love dream believe, live laugh play’ printed onto a white satin bow.  Divine!  And our best seller!   Only $24.
Pink Inspirational BunnyAqua Inspirational Bunny

Not to mention a little aqua name tag placed on our soft bunnies  little bottom.  We all know how attached kids get to fluffy friends!  Hence we made sure you can keep him safe with your details.


We also have 3 divine little bottoms for you to choose from.   Again great stocking fillers!   All designed to sit with our tee’s!


Firstly our unisex leggings are on sale currently at $20!  Were $29.95.   and our unisex shorts $24.95 both displaying ‘Life Rocks’ on the back pocket.  How seriously cute to see little bottoms toddling away from you sharing this Inspirational message!   Yep.. Cute level overload!

Life Rocks Leggings - Back

Then the 3rd of our little bottoms to choose from are the to die for bloomers!  Printed aqua, silver and pink stars.  With frills on the back.   Message on the front ‘love dream believe’.    $22.95!
Shining Star Bloomers


Live Laugh Play Aqua Inspirational CanvasPerhaps you would like to buy something a little different and choose from our wall art?  On sale at $20! Was $29.95.   Choose from our range for some décor Inspiration!   All with lovely feel good messages as reminders on your little ones walls.    Available in Pink, Aqua and Grey.  In 12 various designs!  Hurry stock is limited.




Or why not choose one of our many Inspirational t-shirts designs!  Long sleeves are on sale now!  $24.95 was $34.95!    short sleeves $24.95.

Love Is All You Need Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Sending Inspiration directly into those stocking fillers!  A wonderful way for your kids to wear and share feel good messages on Xmas!


‘Treasure moments”  “love is all you need”  Love life”  are all kinda appropriate on Xmas morning wouldn’t you agree?




Sending you lots of love and inspiration and a very Merry Christmas.



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