Entertaining with kids and family


It’s time to celebrate and catch up with all your loved ones!   For those of you that really want to see everyone but time just wont allow?  Well a fantastic idea is to invite a few favourites over for a special day!   Why not invite your friends with kids over at the same time?


You could even schedule a casual time frame throughout the day or afternoon for drop ins.   This takes the pressure of you to do a set meal time and for those with busy schedules.


Just Let your friends know a time slot so they may fit other social engagements in as well.   This way it keeps things casual and easy for all.


You may choose a lunch time or a lovely early afternoon starting point may work.    To save on costs get everyone to bring something!  Don’t be shy… they are just happy they get to catch up with everyone in the one spot too!  Friends are happy to bring a plate of something or meat/fish for the BBQ is always a winner.


Parenting stratergy – Make sure the kids are well entertained and not bored. Perhaps you could set up a few games for the kids?  Bring out the dress up box.   Set up some ball games if you have the space, or even a slip and slide if you have a back yard.  If you have a pool then say no more!


Happy kids equals happy adults!  This being the greatest joy on earth if you ask me!!

Sitting back with friends whilst the kids play.  Heaven!    Perhaps you could choose some fun kid beats/tunes that may be mutually fun for the adults!    All the top 100 hits seems to be the most popular for kids these days.  Or why not introduce them to all your own old favourites?


Remember music is everyone’s happy place! So your choice of music will set the mood you desire.  Kids come alive when they see the adults having a good time.  Tis the season to get Jolly!   Set by example of what Christmas should be.


The most important thing is to have FUN over the silly season and enjoy this time of year!


With love and inspiration.


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