Positive Self Talk

The best way of teaching children positive self-talk is to model it yourself.

Its important to encourage children to recognise that their thoughts and words will lead their brains into believing what they say. These habits can continue into their adult lives as we all know too well!

For example to be a better role model – When you say something negative, change it to something more constructive. For example, “I can’t believe what an idiot I am’. whoops, well actually I meant to say, ‘Sometimes I make mistakes, but I’m learning from them and I will do better next time.’

It’s really concerning when you hear your child say, ‘I can’t do this!!’ ‘I hate doing this!!’. This directly impacts what they believe, perceive, and do in their lives.

So it is important for us parents “the role models” to demonstrate our own use of positive self-talk! Use our words carefully. Our mini me’s are mirroring our actions every single day!

lol no pressure to us at all right?! Well, we can only do our best and have some mindful tools such as the above is a great starter!

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