Stay focused & believe in yourself

I have learnt to direct my energy into the things i DO want rather than what I DONT!   So as it turns out ‘Where my focus goes, good energy flows’!

Once you actually have a clear vision of your desired future and then you plan for it by setting some GOALS…  you can do anything you put your mind to!
“Well, this is something my beloved late mother always said about me”  Her words of encouragement stay with me every time I lose focus.

“You CAN do anything you put your mind to”.  You have a very strong mind!     “All you need to do is BELIEVE in yourself.”

So their life unfolded and I sure did tick a huge amount of those dream boxes along the way.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind –

1)  STAY FOCUSED & NEVER STOP BELIEVING IN YOURSELF.    Shut the negative noise up that challenges you along the way!

Yes,  the onlookers, the supposed ones that love you, and your own negative committee that runs in your mind when its far from invited!  We all have these little challenges to test our focus and self-belief.    So tell that negative committee inside your head to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!  Keep focussed, never give up hope, just believe in yourself.    Be a strong role model for your mirroring little ones!

2)  THINK POSITIVE – Catch your thoughts… Replace those negative thoughts  immediately with more constructive and positive ones.  Write down the negative ones and replace them with more constructive affirming words.    Are you actually aware of how extraordinarily powerful your own thoughts and words are?    Hell, i didn’t really know those little self-judging voices were there till later in life!  They’re  kinda like crooked little friends that have lived with you since childhood!  Bugger off I say…….. 🙂  Only the kind ones may stay!

4) ACCOMPLISHMENTS –   Keep note of your past and present small and large achievements.  Give yourself a pat on the back!  You have already achieved a lot.

5) REFLECT DAILY on your initial vision & dreams…..   ’The ultimate life you deserve’.   This is a good reminder to keep you focussed and pull you back on track!  Procrastination is sadly a form of self-sabotaging.

6) MOTIVATION –   The true driving motivator comes from who your helping along the way?   It can’t just be for yourself if you truly want to stay motivated.    Is it your children?  Your family?   Is it a business or career that helps others?  Is it just being the best role model you can be to your kids?  Is it job satisfaction?  There has to be a clear underlying motivation that involves others and not just you.

Whenever you need to refocus or affirm self-belief, just look at your biggest fan right beside you.  Those little people are here to keep us strong, learn about ourselves – Lol,  strive to be the best examples and role models,  test us… but most of all to bless us with unconditional love.    Absolutely the greatest gift of all is this kind of LOVE.   We can do no wrong in their eyes.

“We may not be important to everyone in the world.  But unconditionally we are to one.”

With Love and inspiration.


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